import React from 'react' import ReactDOM from 'react-dom' import useCookie from '@devhammed /use-cookie' const App = () => { const [username, setUsername I created useCookie() React Hook, you can use it to Get, Set, Update and Delete Cookies in your functional components.
How to delete cookies in Internet Explorer. For many years, Internet Explorer was the undisputed top browser in the market. These days, Mozilla's Firefox, Google's Chrome browser and Apple's Safari have taken sizable chunks of Explorer's previously huge market share.
useCallback(() => { cookies.clear() }, []) 는 항상 같은 함수 인스턴스를 반환한다. MemoizedLogout의 메모이제이션이 정상적으로 동작하도록 수정되었다. 5. React.memo() 은 성능 개선의 도구다. 엄밀히 말하면, React에서는 성능 개선을 위한 하나의 도구로 메모이제이션을 사용한다.
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